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Introducing value innovation solutions at PolyOne Asia masterbatch conference Singapore – March 28, 2012 PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL), the world's leading provider of special polymer materials, services and solutions, delivered a speech at the masterbatch asia2012 in Singapore on March, explaining how to create value through innovation. The theme of this conference is the development trend and future trend affecting the color masterbatch industry in Asia

in his speech entitled "innovation creates value", Mr. Zhuang Lei, marketing director of PolyOne's color and additives business unit in Asia, said: "PolyOne has been helping customers create quantifiable economic value through customer-centric collaboration and innovative polymer solutions, so as to improve customer performance."

PolyOne's color and additive solutions bring value to customers by improving the aesthetics and performance of thermoplastic and thermosetting components, improving production efficiency, reducing downtime, and achieving smooth product switching. According to the needs of different production processes 5. Creep test machine technology, it can provide a variety of physical forms, including granular material, sheet material, bead material, powder material and liquid material

director Zhuang said: "We have professional knowledge across many industries and consumer markets, including packaging, transportation and medical insurance, which are used in the metal frame antenna partition bar of Xiaomi 4, cables, household appliances, building materials, electrical and electronics, consumer and industrial fields. In addition, we are actively exploring the textile market and launching oncolortmfiber masterbatch for chemical fiber spinning process, which can be used for textile fiber, carpet weaving, non-woven fabric and artificial turf."

PolyOne's continuous innovation closely follows the global macro development trend. Director Zhuang takes the improvement of human health as an example to explain this, that is, the innovation for the aging population and the entry threshold for a healthy lifestyle are also low. For example, PolyOne medical grade uspvi colorants have many applications, including medical equipment housings and medical packaging. Recently, PolyOne Shanghai color and additives factory has also obtained ISO13485 certification

oncolorhcplus colorant specially used in health care, medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry has been certified to meet uspvi and ISO10993 biocompatibility standards, and can provide color schemes for opaque and transparent resins

director Zhuang finally said, "we aim to help customers more quickly enter new markets, develop new products, improve product performance, build public praise, improve safety and environmental benefits, and meet regulatory requirements. All these will undoubtedly help customers improve profits and performance."

about PolyOne

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PolyOne is the world's leading supplier of special polymer materials, services and solutions, with sales of $2.9 billion in 2011. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and has operations all over the world. Under the strategic guidance of the company's specialization and global expansion, the company acquired galloss group in december2011. The company has advanced additive technology and occupies a leading position in the market in the field of liquid colorants

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