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Interview with the mayor (director) of Shunde two sessions tanfengxian: build a "global smart manufacturing center for home hardware industry chain"

the Pearl River Business Daily reported that last year, Leliu hardware innovation town was selected as the second batch of provincial characteristic towns. Next, what are Leliu's blueprints and prospects? Tanfengxian, deputy to the District People's Congress, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Leliu subdistrict, said in an interview with the Pearl River business daily all media (Shunde +) that Leliu hardware innovation town was selected into the list of provincial-level characteristic towns, which is a major opportunity for the development of the home hardware industry

at present, Leliu has hired a professional team to lubricate the way in which 10 points of special concrete experimental machine equipment is used more and more in the industry and with an international vision. With industrial innovation as the core competitiveness, Leliu has made a comprehensive plan for the hardware innovation town and led the hardware industry to a higher platform. According to the preliminary work plan, the planned total land area is about 4500 mu (3 square kilometers). According to the overall structure of "one core, one belt and three areas", including hardware enterprise headquarters base (one core), Shunde watercourse waterfront landscape belt (one belt), hardware industry cluster at namo District, creative LOHAS District, and Lingnan waterside cultural supporting district (three districts), the household hardware industry is used to drive the horizontal and vertical extension of the industry, Create a "global intelligent manufacturing center for the whole household hardware industry chain"

tanfengxian said that the planning of the hardware innovation town is the deepening of Leliu's development strategy of "connecting the north, expanding the south, introducing water from the East and connecting the west", and is also consistent with the development pattern of "one axis, one belt, two areas and three clusters". Taihui intelligent industrial park renovation project, which has made a major breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of village level industrial park, is also located in this area. It is believed that with the promotion of hardware innovation town, the status and driving role of Gangkou road as the economic spindle will become more obvious, providing a more reliable, safe and powerful support for the economic development of Leliu

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