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Interview with Joey Chan, a designer of China Resources interview with Joey Chan, a designer of China Resources on April 29, 2006 host: last month, when I interviewed Gao Wen'an, a Hong Kong designer, I exchanged some questions with him about his design style. At that time, I asked him what his design style was? He said my style is "no style", I think it is very interesting. Today, we have the honor to invite joyechan. Similarly, I would like to share this question with you. What is your design style? Can the wind pressure plate be adjusted according to the experimental height

joey Chan: maybe I'll change the problem, because every designer has his own design habits. My habits are simple design styles. At the same time, I agree with him that I don't have a fixed style or a style I particularly like. I usually look at customers' preferences and design what they like. But in this design, you will see a little Joey Chan features. This feature must include simplicity and smooth lines

host: are there any colors, materials and design elements you prefer in your design

joey Chan: in my design works, I have a preference for materials. I generally like to use natural things, such as wood and glass. In terms of color, I will give customers a color they like according to the type they appreciate

comparison of different PHA performance Holders: among the many projects you have done, which one gives you the most satisfaction and sense of achievement

joey Chan: it should be the design case of a Thai restaurant that won the gold award of the world design association in 2002. This project is one I particularly like and quite satisfied with. The judges thought that the reason why I won the gold medal for this project was that I made good use of the optical effect. The walls of this project were basically made of very dark gray, and the lights inside were all quartz light bulbs. After shining on many walls, the effect was very good. This lamp is also very simple. They think I have the courage to use a simple lamp to achieve such a good effect. Then there is the material. In a very narrow space, I use a lot of glass, and then use wood grain to make a special space, so they think I combine the space and materials very well. Finally, they think that I have mixed the local characteristics of Vancouver into this Thai restaurant. I specially made the local scenery and mountains and waters of Vancouver into the shape of mountains through glass. A row of fluorescent tubes are used above to make a reflective feeling. In this way, the feeling of landscape is very distinctive

host: as we all know, the coating industry is developing very fast and the market competition is also very fierce. More and more enterprises have come up with different strategies in the face of competition. In my opinion, to be unique in the market, products must be diversified, humanized and personalized. The so-called diversification means that the products are rich in variety and can meet the different needs of different consumers. The so-called humanization is mainly reflected in environmental protection. The so-called personalization should be the matching of colors and decorations. I think this issue is also the core issue of the industry. On the issue of personalization, let's invite Joey Chan to talk about what measures or ideas China Resources paint uses in color

joey Chan: in the three aspects you mentioned, I would also like to add one point is the quality issue. I think the product quality is also very important. My role in China Resources is actually to bring China Resources Coatings closer to designers, so that more designers can understand China Resources Coatings. I have worked with China Resources for about fourorfive years. I think it's very interesting. In June, I participated in a designer exchange meeting in Vancouver. Three American designers communicated with us face to face. Then I think this one-to-one exchange process is the most valuable learning opportunity for designers. Because they have problems, they can immediately raise them, and others can help them solve them. And every designer has his own story behind it. He shares his own story, whether it is good experience or failed experience, which is a rare learning opportunity for other designers. This is one of the conditions for my cooperation with China Resources. The second reason is that my home is in Vancouver. I can bring the things popular abroad to China immediately. Now we have made a good market plan for 2007. As I call it, we will make an adjustment if we introduce and copy foreign fashions into China from time to time, because simply put, foreign fashions do not necessarily have to be applied immediately after they are moved to China, so my task is to adjust what is popular abroad until it is suitable for use in China

I know that China Resources has adopted an international level system in the Netherlands in terms of color. I think there is room for growth in this part of their color. My concept is that if you push too much at once, it will be a waste. So now I will say that we will take a long process and publish what is really useful

host: just now you also talked about the world trend of home building materials. Can you tell us about the current trend and current situation of the world trend of home color

joey Chan: in fact, some popular colors will be introduced every year. If you don't pack the colors, there will be no vitality. I will introduce the popular colors in the way of letting a hundred flowers bloom. If you have the courage, the colors of cosmetics used by girls can be used in the trend of home furnishing. In fact, this is also an international popular trend. Therefore, as for the color of cosmetics, we can use the fabric art, and then use it in our design. In 2006, if the color of cosmetics is popular, cloth art can also be used. So we also use it in home design. There are a lot of them. It may take ten years in the 1970s and 1980s. Now they are back. But if I still do it myself, I will still use a darker color, which is heavier. Because there are many luxury houses in my projects, the service life of ordinary luxury houses is relatively long. Basically, the test of this color is that it takes at least 5 years. I have been in Vancouver for 10 years, and people will not feel outdated. So you aim at the needs of the project, and then color it according to the needs. If it is a small space, I will be brave enough to use some individual colors. If it is a large space, I will use colors carefully

host: what color do you think is popular this year for home colors in 2006

joey Chan: I think pink is popular this year, but this pink is the pink with red, which is the pink of rose red. Then the gray scale is relatively high, followed by lake blue. This color is also popular. In addition, if young people like it, grass green is also a good decoration

host: I prefer blue. Just now, we talked about the popular trend of home color for designers. Now, it is not only designers who pay attention to our interview, but also many friends. On behalf of them, I would like to ask you a question, but also myself, because our family is also decorating the house. How do you think to match the home color from the perspective of consumers

joey Chan: before you start choosing colors, you should first understand your own lights. Especially in winter, I don't know how long the night in Beijing is. There is no daylight in Vancouver at 3:30, so this must be taken into account. Especially if daylight lighting is used, the soft color is different from the hard color. Therefore, if the quartz lamp is used, the effect will be different. So you should first know what kind of light source is used in your home, then go to the paint shop to choose the color you like, and go home with a lead screw to see if the color is the color you want. It may be completely different. And before choosing the color, we should analyze, what color is your floor and sofa? Because if you calculate the area, the proportion of the ground accounts for about 1/3, so you must consider the choice of color. For example, the floor is beige brick, which is a very common material, but the beige brick actually contains beige. Beige can also be divided into yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple. If you can't choose it, you can also look at your sofa. If the green sofa is the main color, To choose a softer color, you can choose beige, and the effect will be very harmonious

Moderator: when you communicate with customers, if some of their ideas conflict with yours, how will you solve this problem

joey Chan: if so, first of all, I will analyze whether my customers' requirements are reasonable? It is possible that the first time you heard about their requirements, you thought they were unreasonable, but in fact, everyone's requirements had their own reasons. When we talked with the designer this morning, I told them that first you should analyze his problems. Is his requirements reasonable? If it is reasonable, I will try my best to do what he reasonably requests. If his request is really unreasonable, I will try to take some materials or other projects I have done, try to guide him, and then achieve the results I want to achieve. Try not to say he is bad. If there is a conflict between the designer and the customer, the designer will not win to help us further understand the equipment. So the best thing is to speak slowly if there is a conflict, and try not to misunderstand the situation, because I like to do the win-win design, construction team and customer satisfaction. The construction team is also a very important role. If there are designers without a construction team, basically they can't do a good job. So I hope that the three aspects can be won, just like the construction team making money, then achieving the desired results, and finally satisfying the customers, it will be a perfect project

host: in your design works, which do you think is the most important, design and functionality? For example, both of us may be very busy at work. Maybe two tables will be arranged in the study, but it will affect the beauty. How can you coordinate

joey Chan: our designer is half an artist. I will insist that the function is very important, that is, in a space, it can be designed according to the requirements of customers. For example, in a space of 100 square meters, it may be a single person or a family. The design arrangements are different. I will make suitable products according to the conditions of customers. If he likes pink, I don't like the color myself, but I think if he has to ask, I will follow his advice, because he doesn't live in me. So I will enlarge this element into this space. So I will put the function first, and the space is smooth, and finally comfortable. Many people feel strange and comfortable when they enter a space, but they can't tell why. In fact, if we look at it from the design point of view

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