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(NYMEX crude oil closing) intraday long and short factors offset each other. US crude oil closed flat on Wednesday

(NYMEX crude oil closing) intraday long and short factors offset each other. US crude oil closed flat on Wednesday


[China paint information] because a number of US economic data released on Wednesday were mixed. Meanwhile, EIA data showed that US crude oil inventory increased slightly last week, but the growth rate was lower than expected. US crude oil once fluctuated widely, However, it was basically flat at the overnight closing price. In addition, the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting released later showed that it is expected that better economic data will allow the Federal Reserve to reduce the scale of bond purchase in the coming months, and it is expected that oil prices may face further downward risks. The crude oil market closed flat on Wednesday. NYMEX crude oil futures fell US $0.01, or 0.01%, to US $93.33/barrel

trend description on Wednesday (November 20):

at the beginning of the Asian session, the US crude oil jumped high, and then gradually rose to around us $94.28. Europe is increasingly valued by countries all over the world. At the beginning of the period, US crude oil retreated slightly to below US $94, and then fell at 93 A narrow range fluctuated between $30. At the beginning of the New York session, US crude oil quickly fell to a low of US $93.25/barrel, then hit the bottom and rebounded sharply, recovering most of the previous losses and finally closed near us $93.30

nymex crude oil futures reached a maximum of USD 94.48/barrel and a minimum of USD 93.25/barrel, down USD 0.01 to close at USD 93.33/barrel, down 0.01%

1. According to the data released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Wednesday, the US crude oil inventory increased by 375000 barrels to 38846million barrels in the week of November 14, but it was lower than the estimate of increasing 900000 barrels. 

2. The data released by the US Commerce Department on Wednesday showed that the monthly rate of US retail sales in October increased by 0.4%, the largest single month increase in recent three months. It is expected to increase by 0.1%, and the previous value was revised to be flat

3. William C. Dudley, chairman of the New York Fed, said on Wednesday that although the employment data has increased significantly, it has not yet reached the level that the Federal Reserve hopes to see

4. Charles Evans, chairman of the Chicago Fed, said on Tuesday (November 19) that the biggest challenge facing the Federal Reserve (FED) is to complete its task of promoting employment and raising the target of low inflation to 2%. What I can confirm is that the advantages of the current federal reserve bond purchase program outweigh the disadvantages. We will continue to buy treasury bonds. As we move closer to withdrawing our easing policies, we can "release" assets through reverse repurchase

5. Federal Reserve (FED) Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday local time that the Fed still promised to maintain a highly loose policy as long as necessary, adding that the Fed would start to reduce the scale of treasury bond purchases only when it was sure that the improvement in the job market would continue. However, Mr. Bo stressed that the main interest rate may remain low for a long time after the QE reduction

1. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released a report on Wednesday that the annual value of the total sales of existing homes in the United States after the NAR quarterly adjustment in October was 5.12 million, and it is expected to be 5.13 million. In September, the annual sales value of existing housing estates was 5.29 million, which was not revised. After the NAR quarterly adjustment in October, the annualized monthly rate of existing home sales in the United States fell by 3.2%; In September, it decreased by 1.9%, which was not corrected

2. According to the data released by the US Department of labor (DOL) on Wednesday, after adjusting for seasonal factors, the US CPI in October increased by 1.0%, expected to increase by 1.0%, and the previous value increased by 1.2%. In October, the monthly rate of CPI in the United States fell by 0.1%, which is expected to be flat, with the previous value increasing by 0.2%

3. James Bullard, chairman of the St. Louis fed, said on Wednesday that better non farm data would increase the probability that the Federal Reserve would start to reduce the scale of bond purchases next month

4. The consumption of die castings in the US accounts for about 80%. According to the minutes released by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, it is expected that better economic data will allow the Federal Reserve to reduce the scale of bond purchase in the coming months

Tan Chee tat, an analyst at Phillip futures, said that the United States 3. Paid attention again to the end of the maintenance period of China's oil refining equipment during the experiment process, which directly led to the rise of crude oil production and the reduction of inventory

tan Chee Tat said that it is expected that the price difference between Brent crude oil and US crude oil may fall below US $10 by the end of November. Bob was surprised by what Nank said overnight. It shows that the Federal Reserve will not cut quantitative easing (QE) policy in the short term, which also forms a certain support for crude oil prices

US October core producer price index

US October producer price index

US initial jobless claims after the quarterly adjustment last week (10000) (to 1116)

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