Low carbon wall material zero pollution decoration

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Introduction: part of the connotation of low-carbon materials emphasizes that decorative materials can not cause toxicity and pollution to human body and the environment, such as natural stone, bamboo, cotton and other materials that do not contain harmful substances, which is very in line with the trend of returning to nature, and the decorative effect is both elegant and simple

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cement plain surface

if the wall decorated with cotton cloth is “ Fashion family ”, Then the wall made of plain cement is complete “ Plain noodles ”. The method of making plain cement walls is also quite simple. Use the original walls of the blank room, do some simple grinding and correction, and brush a layer of varnish on the surface, or not. The minimalist style and texture of plain cement make any “ Makeup ” Can't match this “ Plain face ” Compare

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versatile mortar

mortar is a new environmental protection decorative material, which has the characteristics of natural color texture, soft vision, low cost and easy construction. Through different construction methods, it can produce concave convex three-dimensional patterns such as smooth surface, spray point relief, galling, etc., showing a wealth of artistic shapes. Mortar is non-toxic, pollution-free, good weather resistance, no worry of aging and cracking. It can also form different colors, textures and lines through changes in materials and processes, so as to improve the indoor decorative effect

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cotton fashion

cotton construction is similar to wallpaper pasting. First wet the cotton cloth, then brush the wall with environmentally friendly wallpaper glue, and then use a board to scrape the wall flat. The foundation of the wall can be omitted. Cotton is a natural material, and wallpaper glue made of potatoes or corn is also very environmentally friendly, which is really worthy of the name “ Zero pollution &rdquo




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