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In recent years, the aluminum alloy door and window industry has developed rapidly, but the relationship between aluminum alloy door and window enterprises and dealers has always been like fish and water, interdependent and common progress

in recent years, the aluminum alloy door and window industry has developed rapidly, but the relationship between aluminum alloy door and window enterprises and dealers has always been like fish and water, interdependent and common progress. However, some dealers' performance is not very ideal after joining a brand. In fact, this has a lot to do with the dealers' business philosophy. Youzhiya doors and windows now lists the reasons for the failure of some dealers here, hoping to bring reference to the operation of aluminum alloy doors and windows dealers

first, the business mode is out of date

diligence and pragmatism, a traditional Chinese virtue, is particularly evident in most dealers: getting up early and getting dark every day, doing all kinds of things inside and outside the store personally, and not authorizing the clerk. In the initial stage of business, it is necessary for the boss to do everything himself. However, if everything is arranged by the boss, the employees with poor ability cannot be promoted, and the employees with strong ability feel that there is no room to play. Over the past few years, the dealers have not established a capable management team. With the expansion of the market and the intensification of competition, this method is obviously out of date, and the final result is that the business is getting worse and worse

second, sheep herding management

contrary to the above dealers, some dealers want to make money easily, so they simply become "hands off shopkeepers". In fact, many bosses "lose their hands", but in the end, they can't be the "shopkeeper". The premise of being a "hands off shopkeeper" is that the boss should grasp the general direction, have a team with strong combat effectiveness, have a qualified professional manager, and have a perfect operation and management system and a reasonable and effective profit distribution mechanism. Otherwise, it will become a "sheep herding" management. The boss can't grasp the real situation of the market, stores and employees in time, and can't find the real reason for bad business, and can't adjust the business strategy in time. In this way of management, the boss makes decisions by "following his feelings", and the employees are scattered. Of course, the business will not be much better, and eventually go to a dead end

III. promotion is too frequent

promotion is a powerful tool to improve terminal sales, and no dealer can do without it. But at the same time, promotion is also a stimulant, which can only play a temporary role in boosting sales. Too frequent promotion will have side effects. In the fierce market competition, it is "waiting for death" for merchants not to do promotions, but it is "looking for death" to do promotions frequently. Now, more and more dealers find themselves suffering from "promotion dependence": no sales without promotion, no profit with promotion. Moreover, many dealers are "promoted": the manufacturer needs to increase the volume, and the Commission of the regional manager also comes from the sales volume, so the dealers are forced to promote constantly, and the strength is getting stronger and stronger, and the number of times is increasing. The final result is that the sales volume of dealers seems to have increased, but the money in their pockets has become less, and the price has become lower and lower. Once there was a brand that threatened to be a "price butcher", which is how it dug its own grave. In the aluminum alloy door and window market, promotion must be done, but it must be limited in time, limited in quantity and limited in style. It is crucial to grasp the degree, which is the so-called "too much is not enough"

fourth, we can't focus on running a brand.

some brand dealers used to start by doing miscellaneous brands. These dealers saw that miscellaneous brands had no future, so they chose to join brand manufacturers with brighter future. However, some dealers have joined a certain brand and privately retained their previously operated brands. They think that the insurance coefficient will be higher. In fact, such "stepping on two boats" and not focusing on running a brand are more risky for dealers. First, the dealers think that they still have a way out. If they don't manage the brand well, they can't do miscellaneous brands again; Second, because the dealers have scattered their energy, financial resources and resources, if the brand management cannot be achieved, the manufacturers will be dissatisfied with the dealers, and even make the decision to replace the dealers, and the efforts of the dealers will be in vain

v. no right partner selected

due to the lack of funds and interpersonal problems, there are more partners in current dealers. Therefore, the choice of partners is very important, once the choice is improper, there will be endless trouble. Now there is an interesting phenomenon in the industry, that is, when the business is just starting or the business is bad, there will not be too many contradictions between partners. On the contrary, when the business is getting bigger and bigger, contradictions and conflicts are easy to occur

for example, if a partner who holds the actual management right but holds a small share in the partnership shares has bad conduct, he is most likely to infringe the interests of the major shareholders for his own interests and conflict with the major shareholders. In fact, the institutional arrangement of interests between partners is very critical. Especially for the small shareholders who hold the management right, the large shareholders should give their interests preference. For example, with the expansion of business scale, it is necessary to appropriately increase the share proportion of minority shareholders and recognize the operating ability and performance of minority shareholders, so as to effectively prevent minority shareholders from being upset because their pay is not proportional to their return

in short, an aluminum alloy door and window www.yzymc It is by no means easy for CC dealers to succeed, but as long as they avoid those barriers and obstacles on the way forward and strengthen enterprise management, they will be able to tide over the difficulties smoothly

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