Trucks were fined a maximum amount for dumping dec

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On the morning of the 16th, the sanitation workers in charge of the sanitation of Shanghai streets in Taijiang District found that a truck of decoration garbage had been dumped by the Yiyuan branch road behind the Vientiane city. The cleaning company immediately reported the situation to the Shanghai sub district urban management squadron and the municipal environmental sanitation office, and transferred it to the municipal urban management law enforcement detachment

the urban management and law enforcement personnel immediately rushed to the scene to investigate and collect evidence. Later, after checking the security monitoring probe at the civil air defense headquarters in Vientiane city opposite the scene, they found that it was originally a light dump truck “ Aq808c” Steal decoration garbage. Yesterday morning, the environmental sanitation department of Taijiang District sent a compressed garbage truck to clean up the garbage on site. The urban management and law enforcement department will impose a maximum fine on the car and detain the car for 30 days




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