How to save money in decoration tiles

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Seeing that many students are discussing the problem of ceramic tiles on the jar, let's say something casually here

seeing that many students are discussing the problem of ceramic tiles on the jar, let's say something casually here

at present, there are many ceramic tile brands on the market, especially polished bricks have become the first choice for the laying of living rooms, especially for houses with duplex structure, which are generally paved with polished bricks on the ground floor. Laying the floor on the attic has become a popular trend. Of course, the price of polished bricks of first-line brands is not cheap. It is normal to calculate 170-180/square meter, and it will eat a lot of rice when it is paved over 40 square meters. Then, how can porcelain floor tiles save money

first of all, there is a conceptual problem. Many students believe that we must choose a brand, because the quality is good, but the price is also hot. Just ask, even if you buy a first-line famous brand porcelain floor tile, if there are guests at home and you don't introduce them, who knows whether your house is paved with Rome or champion or others, you can't leave a piece of it without cement. If someone comes from home, lift it up and show him what brand it is

in the final analysis, although there are many ceramic tile brands on the market, the colors and varieties are basically the same. Even if a brand launches a new ceramic tile, which is welcomed by everyone, it will not be long before a large number of ceramic tiles of other brands will be copied. To be honest, the process of ceramic tiles is like this. Kaolin is sintered, and the clay is less, the hardness is higher, and the quality is better

when purchasing ceramic tiles, we must adopt a more pragmatic strategy. This thing is paved on the wall and the ground, and there is no trademark on the surface. Even if there is a little vanity doing mischief, that is, at the moment of purchase, how many people know the goods after it is really paved on the ground and the wall

design and color are important, and quality is more important. Generally, the ceramic tiles of second-line brands, such as xinchaoyang, xinliwan and xinzhongyuan, are good, and the quality of third-line brands such as samet is also good. At present, most of the ceramic floor tiles are produced in Foshan, Guangdong. In fact, many brand companies have the same boss, and the manufacturing process and design are basically the same, because the mold process is the same. And the general price of second-line brands can be traded at less than 50% of the guide price. If you choose a more mature second-line brand, it is also a good choice. Generally, 50 square meters of polished bricks in the living room and dining room, plus two bathrooms and a seamless wall brick in the kitchen, you can win at most 10000 yuan. In addition, sticking seamless bricks in the kitchen also has the secret of saving money. No matter how good the tiles are stuck under and behind the cabinet, they are useless. As long as you buy some tiles for about 1 yuan to deal with the wall surface and keep the ground flat, anyway, if you want to be blocked by the cabinet, why spend more money wrongly. It's best not to put matte or semi matte in the kitchen. It's easy to smoke, and it's troublesome to clean. Saving money in decoration is saved bit by bit, which really needs to be haggled over





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