Metz Lanzhi curtain Juhui Tongren First Home Expo

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From September 20 to 21, 2014, Metz Lanzhi curtain, together with 65 well-known brands in 15 industries, gathered in Wanfeng International Trade City to closely connect home decoration materials and household products

from September 20 to 21, 2014, Tongren's first "family Expo" and "love giving and donation activities for students" were grandly held in Tongren Wanfeng International Trade City. Together with 65 well-known brands in 15 industries, Metz Lanzhi curtain brings together Wanfeng International Trade City to closely connect home decoration materials and household products to provide one-stop services for decoration owners. As a necessary curtain product for modern home decoration, Metz Lanzhi curtain came to an end at the event and became the most popular curtain brand among consumers

it is reported that this event is the first "Home Expo" in Tongren, which has received strong support and attention from the Tongren Federation of industry and commerce, the Administration for Industry and commerce, the Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and Tongren radio and television station. At the same time, it has also been sponsored by various decoration companies and training institutions, aiming to create an authoritative grand ceremony of consumer exhibitions in the whole household industry chain

meitushi Lanzhi curtain is a high-end curtain brand under meitushi group. Its development strategy is to pursue fashion, pay attention to quality, pay attention to health, and advocate personality. It is a highly competitive curtain brand in the high-end home furnishing field in the industry. It has officially settled in Tongren, Guizhou recently. At the first Tongren Home Expo, the flagship store of metus Lanzhi curtain Tongren was invited to participate, and brought hundreds of curtain products to the event, giving back to Tongren consumers with unparalleled price policies and rich gifts

after the pre event publicity and sufficient preparation work, during the Home Expo, the meitux Lanzhi curtain booth was crowded and very lively. Many consumers came to the meitux Lanzhi curtain booth for consultation. With the careful and professional interpretation and recommendation of the on-site staff of meitux Lanzhi curtain, each customer bought a satisfactory product suitable for their own family

this activity combines value-added concessions in material selection and decoration to fully meet the comprehensive needs of consumers for home decoration, and takes "manufacturer direct supply, annual minimum, ultra-low special price" as the advertising slogan. From the beginning to the end, the activity includes lottery, smashing golden eggs, cash distribution, lucky serial draw, and the activity lottery link of the ultimate automobile lottery, as well as the on-site donation of the activity "giving love and donating money to help students"

in the on-site donation of "giving love and donating money to help students", in order to support public welfare undertakings and spread the culture of gratitude, meitushi Lanzhi curtain joined hands with Tongren building materials merchants to pass love to Weng man Central Primary School in Tongren, so that every child can go to school and more children in need can feel the warmth of society

for this event, meitux Lanzhi curtain has become the leader of curtain brands in this Home Expo with its hot popularity. However, in addition to taking advantage of the popularity advantage of the Home Expo platform, President Zhan, a dealer in Tongren, said that with the guidance and personnel support of the company, as well as the unity of all employees, this event can create good results! Since the establishment of the event, every employee of the flagship store of Metz Lanzhi curtain Tongren has actively participated in it, from the arrangement of the exhibition and shopping guide process of the event to the cooperation and coordination of all links on site, and every employee participating in it has contributed greatly! Of course, only with one heart and one mind, can we deliver the enterprise concept of healthy taste of life advocated by Metz Lanzhi curtain to thousands of households on the basis of the success of the event





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