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In recent years, decoration has become a consumption hot spot in residents' life. Due to the nonstandard market of home decoration and the lack of professional knowledge of decoration by consumers, in the process of decoration, various frauds such as substandard goods being replaced by good ones, large orders being issued and invisible contracts being signed by builders should arouse the vigilance of consumers

home decoration is a huge and trivial project. In the face of a mixed decoration market, consumers who are not proficient in home decoration often can only suffer a loss. Whether it's the customization of floors and tiles or the purchase of a few screws, the handling of commencement procedures, and the organization of the coordination of multiple types of work, such as water, electricity, carpentry, etc., all need the wisdom and painstaking efforts of consumers. However, consumers are still troubled by many problems: what kind of home decoration company can be selected to ensure that there are no mistakes in the decoration process? How to see things in the fog when signing the contract? Which links are easy to be cheated? Once there is a dispute with the home decoration company, how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests

◆ which way should I choose when decorating

decoration depends on your personality, because decoration is a personalized thing, such as your height and your habits, which have something to do with yourself, and may not be satisfied by a hardbound house. Now many people will choose a decoration company because of the relationship between time and energy, but they should be careful when choosing a decoration company. It depends on the company's service ability and management ability. If it is not in place, it will be very troublesome

◆ the selection of companies is also very complicated. Some are indeed large-scale, some may be smaller, but the price will be much different. How should we choose

in fact, every company has its main customer base. For example, some home decoration listed companies may target high-end customer groups, villas and more. Some companies, such as those that make packages, may target more customers of the public, so you need to know where this company is positioned. For customers who don't know about decoration, go to know more companies and choose a suitable one, which may be more secure

◆ some consumers participate in the decoration process almost the whole time, just for fear of being greasy inside. For example, consumers have outsourced the decoration work to a decoration company, but there are still many links in this company, and there may be supervisors, or this decoration company has transferred the work to another company. Will this happen

basically, there is a standard to judge whether the project is direct or subcontracted, that is, whether the decoration project is directly outsourced by the company or by the foreman. In fact, this matter can be asked clearly. On the other hand, you can set the model of materials, especially ceramic tiles and floors, and check them carefully during the inspection. If the brand and model can be matched, it is basically unlikely to switch packages

◆ at present, when signing many decoration contracts, some items may be ambiguous. What aspects should consumers pay special attention to when signing contracts

first of all, we should remind our consumers of a basic principle. All decoration companies provide standard terms. When we encounter standard terms, we should know the most basic common sense, that is, handwritten terms should take precedence over standard terms. For all kinds of questions you raise, you must write them in the contract, which is the first. In addition, for specific decoration projects, it is recommended that consumers try to find some experienced friends to accompany them to sign the contract, because decoration involves some very professional and detailed things, and more needs life experience, so we have some principled methods in law, combined with more life experience, and we must sign it clearly when signing the contract. You can also write some minimum terms, such as the commitment that there is no additional item. If the decoration company proposes to increase the item, how much liquidated damages should be compensated, etc. In addition, consumers can pay attention to obtaining evidence or talking about some details in the process of construction, so as to protect their rights and interests to the greatest extent

◆ in the construction of home decoration, almost all wires are threaded in PVC pipes and buried in the wall. Therefore, after the wires are threaded into PVC pipes, consumers cannot see them at all, and it is difficult to replace them. If the workers are not careful in operation, the wires will be twisted in the pipe, causing hidden dangers of electricity. Is it necessary for the decoration company to leave a pipeline diagram

pipeline drawings must be designed according to the design drawings during construction. After completion, the design drawings should be left to the customer, which is a part of the contract and is very important. In addition, construction personnel must work with certificates. If they do not have real professional qualifications, the potential safety hazards are too great

during the construction process, some consumers reported that there was a trap of being forced to add items. Mr. Zhang had only 100000 yuan of working capital on hand. With this money, he found a famous home decoration company to make a decoration plan, ranging from furniture and cabinets to switches and panels, from main materials to construction costs, all the decoration costs were packaged in the package. If the owner does not put forward additional requirements, there will never be additional expenses such as additional items. Listening to the designer of the home decoration company's promise, Mr. Zhang sat down and waited for him to check in directly with his bag

however, it was not long before his troubles came. It is recommended to install more wires behind the TV wall, otherwise you will regret in the future. It is recommended to replace the ceiling with a famous brand, which is more expensive but durable. If something of the original brand breaks down, don't say I didn't remind you. Your water pipe is too old. If you don't replace it, I can't be responsible for the leakage in the future &hellip& hellip; I often heard the foreman's thoughtful suggestions. Mr. Zhang, who knew nothing about decoration, had to reinstall the wires, change the ceiling brand, and replace all the water pipes. But once again, it's a big chunk more than the original budget. Like Mr. Zhang, what should consumers do when encountering such kind suggestions

there are two points to grasp: first, you should check this level before signing a contract with the decoration company. Second, when you see this foreman, you should also turn this off. In fact, what the foreman said is frightening and deceiving you




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