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[] there is a classic dialogue in the movie "Party A and Party B". Liu Bei said: marriage without love is unhappy. Ge you replied: marriage without a house is unhappy. It can be seen that Chinese people are attached to houses. Especially at present, marriage houses have almost become a necessary condition for marriage. In the past two years, the post-80s generation has gradually entered the peak of marriage, and many prospective couples have set their wedding date at the end of this year. According to the latest survey data, despite a series of economic problems such as rising house prices and slowing income growth, more than 50% of consumers said they would not postpone the wedding date, and 34% of them chose to decorate their wedding houses this year

newlyweds usually fall into some misunderstandings due to their lack of experience in decoration, such as blind copying, one-sided pursuit of low budget, etc. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a clear decoration idea and solution. To this end, the author interviewed Li Xiaojuan, business manager of B & Q decoration Center, hoping to help friends who are about to decorate their wedding house

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◆ how to choose a decoration company

it is reported that about 75% of Chinese home decoration consumers belong to the first decoration, and the vast majority of them are newlyweds. How to choose a decoration company and how to deal with designers is also a must for newcomers. Zeng Jiuhe suggested that if consumers are interested, they can come to B & Q to participate in the decoration one-day tour, decoration class, decoration trend press conference, construction site visit and other activities held by B & Q decoration center. As a professional decoration consultant, B & Q will organize various wonderful activities every weekend to let customers receive free decoration knowledge education

in terms of decoration design, B & Q has three service standards: VIP design, personalized design and standard design, which meet your personal needs. VIP design provides the most comprehensive services. The chief designer of B & Q will tailor the overall home design scheme for you. During the construction period, it will also provide the whole process tracking service. All decoration and decorative materials will also be selected in depth throughout the whole process, so as to better grasp the overall effect of room decoration. Of course, you can choose the design package suitable for you according to your needs and budget

the most reassuring thing to choose B & Q decoration center is its excellent construction after-sales service. B & Q's engineering construction process will implement 6 major acceptance and 18 construction process inspections to ensure that each construction acceptance is qualified, so as to ensure the quality and quality of the overall project. Even after the decoration, B & Q is still around you, providing you with two-year warranty and lifelong maintenance services, and providing you with home insurance for free, 100% caring for your home dream

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◆ how to control the decoration budget

in addition to decoration, the newly married room also needs to buy furniture, curtains, bedding, decorative paintings and various decorations. In order to pursue a better start, prospective newlyweds often want to have both fish and bear's paws, which inevitably makes them feel stretched. B & Q designers remind new people that the construction of love nest also takes time, and it often cannot achieve the best effect if it is achieved overnight

in the case of limited budget, the decoration needs to grasp the key points: where there is no change, it is best to put it in place at one time; The ground and walls are the most important, and it is best to choose better decorative materials; Less attention to the roof, decoration can be simple; In order to save money, overly cumbersome decorative means should be abandoned, just for the sake of landing in vain. In addition, new houses can be decorated with a wide variety of decorations, which not only costs little, but also often achieves unexpected decorative effects

besides the double bed and wardrobe in the bedroom, the sofa in the living room and the complete set of cabinets in the kitchen, other necessary furniture can be arranged according to the financial situation

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◆ how to match wedding room colors

to highlight the festive atmosphere of the wedding room in the overall layout, flexible use of color design is a relatively labor-saving method. The designer of B & Q said that although red is the main color of traditional Chinese wedding, the layout of the newly married room should not only highlight the festive atmosphere, but also take a long-term consideration. Therefore, it is safer to choose some intermediate color series appropriately. Walls and floors are the largest area in the room. Their colors should be similar to those of furniture, and the ground color should be slightly darker than the wall. In addition to choosing a color as the main tone of the room, it also needs to have some small detail changes, which can make the space appear richer and hierarchical. Zeng Jiuhe, the designer of B & Q decoration Center, said that warm colors of rooms and restaurants can add a warm atmosphere to families, so if you don't have special preferences for colors, you'd better first consider choosing warm colors such as light yellow and light red for decoration





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